Brief overview of production program:

Fólie Vrecia Flexotlač




production of flat monoextruded film, tube, semi-tube, gusseted tube, building films, wrapping films,automatic, technical and heat-shrinkable films

waste, garbage bags, food sacks
perforated on roll or on paper core, loose, draw string bags, bags with PP string, with side gussets,
block-headed bags, easy open bags, small, medium, large bags,
plastic sheets, pallet hoods

1-4 - color print
spot print - one side
continuous print -
one/two sides print

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Our specialty is film made of Beluthene, which is material using particular ingrediences designed for thickness-reduced films. This means that by using Beluthene film we can achieve the same technical properties as standard LDPE or HD/LD films with higher thickness.

One example from practice is LDPE  1A class material in 50 microns thickness that can easily be  replaced by Beluthene in 30my (Beluthene 30my is equivalent for LDPE in 50my).  
This is a very economical solution for decreasing input costs connected with raw material consumption,
warehousing or transport costs and our customers use this advantage of Beluthene more & more often.

Our PE film is monoextruded (one layer) with possible modification by additives (UV stabilisation, antistatic, antislip, lubricated, corona treated). All products are in complience with domestic norms STN and European standards, they are recyclable and ecologically harmless.


Manufacturer of polyethylene film, sacks and poly-packaging

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